SoilMaster P&R Processing and Reporting is an all-in-one software by Wykeham Farrance for data processing and reporting dedicated to all the main Geotechnical tests, offering an efficient data repository to simplify the daily activities of laboratories.

Watch the full video presentation of SoilMaster P&R

The software can include data processing and report of several different tests (consolidation, shear, triaxial), linked to the same project, offering the possibility to create customized data processing in full compliance with local standards, latest testing requirements and can even adapt to any specific company format, as required by the customer.

SoilMaster P&R Processing and Reporting has been designed with seven key concepts in mind:

  1. Fully Customized data processing and reporting: tailored data processing service ensures compliance with local standards, testing requirements, and adapts to specific company formats as per customer needs.
  2. All-in-one modular software: being modular, you only need to buy the packages required to process and report your tests and Standards – it also comes with a free 10-day trial period to test-run all the packages.
  3. Easy user interface: designed to manage your test data files and to provide a means for essential user input procedures. Data reporting can be easily printed in PDF format or Excel format.
  4. Fully compatible: compatible with any datalogger and device made by Wykeham Farrance – and also with raw data coming from loggers or devices by other manufactures.
  5. Database test structure: including data processing and report of several different tests (consolidation, shear, triaxial) linked to the same project. Data saved in the software could be used by the customer for possible additional data analysis.
  6. Independent Software: the same software – and activation code – can be installed on more PCs, different than the one used for machine/datalogger control.
  7. Future upgrade with basic and/or advanced tests: it includes all the most common geotechnical tests (such as consolidation, shear, triaxial, permeability) – additional tests will be made available to expand the range of geotechnical testing elaboration.

In conjunction with the new important release of the current SoilMaster, we are launching SoilMaster T&A Testing and Acquisition.

Stay tuned for further implementations in the next months.