CONTROLS offer a complete range of reliable and affordable testing equipment for laboratory and on-site soil sample analysis (including sampling, classification, preparation, moisture content, permeability or chemical testing).

Soil Lab Testing
In soil laboratory testing, physical properties play an important role in determining a soil’s engineering final use. Geotechnicians use disturbed specimens in a laboratory to determine geotechnical parameters that are not affected by disturbance (natural water content, Atterberg limits, etc.). 

Our soil testing equipment for laboratory tests, analysis and classification covers many different types of instruments including sample preparation equipment for creating undisturbed, remold and compacted samples to Atterberg limits, plastic limit and particle analysis

Do you need to analyze moisture contents or perform chemical tests to assess a soil sample physical properties? Check our range here.

Also available is our lab testing equipment to check the maximum density of a soil or evaluate flow characteristics on granular soils and fine grained soils.

Soil Field Testing
In-situ inspection when classifying soils is an important primary step in the design and construction of safe and effective earthworks. Predictable performance and stability cannot be assured without an accurate characterization of soil properties. 

Soil sampling equipment provides a fast and accurate way to profile soil layers and obtain a collection of core samples for classification and testing for an array of soil types.

We offer soil testing equipment for in-situ tests, analysis and classification. This includes sampling, field inspection equipment used to profile soil layers and collect field samples for testing and classification.

Premium Multipurpose Testers

The demand for Quality Control and testing of construction materials from industrial, research and university laboratories is growing and highlights the need for versatile multipurpose testing systems handling different tests methods on a wide range of materials.  Our range of premium electromechanical load frames fully satisfies this need, offering many advantages such as high precision, sophisticated data processing, excellent reliabiliy and lots of available jigs.

General Lab Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of measuring instruments and commonly used chemical laboratory equipment for many specific testing applications such as aggregates, concrete, cement, soil, asphalt and others. These can be used as part of your soil testing, whether in a laboratory environment or on site.

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