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CONTROLS is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction materials testing equipment. Meticulously designed, our equipment helps you deliver the most accurate and reliable testing results possible, transforming your testing laboratory and helping you to achieve your full potential. With over 50 years of specialist industry knowledge, a global presence and an extensive network of trained distributors means we are a partner you can trust.


Construction materials testing products

50+ Years

Established since 1968, we understand civil engineering testing intimately.


Distributors worldwide with experienced product specialists


International branches for all your local testing needs

Testing Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of construction materials testing equipment from Quality Control to the very latest cutting-edge research.

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Construction Materials Testing

Extensive range of testing equipment for all construction materials.

Advanced Pavements Testing

The Researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt and binder testing systems. 

Soil & Rock Mechanics Testing

Market leading range of easy-to-use advanced Soil and Rock Mechanics testing systems.


Our extensive library of catalogs, technical documents and video tutorials is here to help you get the most out of each piece of equipment.
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