Aggregates are used in all aspects of the construction industry to produce bituminous mixtures, concrete, mortars, sub-base materials, railway ballast, etc. They help to make construction materials more compact, increasing their mechanical strength, indispensable in the construction and maintenance of rigid structures.

To evaluate the quality of aggregates, it is necessary to perform a series of tests to determine their properties such as particle size, gradation, specific gravity, and absorption. Your testing equipment must meet the requirements of the Standards and regulations relating to the aggregates used in your mix. Proper maintenance and calibration of your equipment are also necessary to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Predict the future behavior of bituminous mixtures, concrete and mortar

Our range of aggregate testing equipment allows you to analyze the thermalphysicalmechanicalchemical and humidity characteristics required by international Standards so that you can optimize the mix-design and predict the future behavior of the bituminous mixtures, concrete and mortar made with the aggregates tested.

Our aggregate testing range includes sieves for determining particle size, balances for measuring weight, and densometers for measuring specific gravity. More advanced testing equipment is also available such as Los Angeles abrasion machineMicro-devalpolishing and crushing machines and more.