Numerous tests can be used to analyze the characteristics of bituminous materials. To evaluate the specimen’s grade, consistency, viscosity, temperature sensitivity, and safety, a set of tests must be performed on it.

With our fully automatic penetrometer, the Pivot, which measures the penetration of the needle at a set temperature to determine the hardness of bitumen, we can offer an advanced solution to perform a binder penetration test. Thanks to our widest range, we can offer the broadest solution of testing equipment to asphalt binder laboratories around the globe.

In our comprehensive range, the High-Performance Ductilometer, Automatic Ring and Ball Tester, and Rotational Viscometer are the best solutions to perform the Ductility Test, Softening point test, and Viscosity test on the asphalt binder specimens. We have also testing equipment to perform the Flash point test and the density and distillation tests.

We can provide the full range of asphalt binder testing equipment to perform all the main Empirical Tests.

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