These machines are the ideal solution for Central Laboratories for steel testing.
The UTM-HPT Series is suitable to perform a wide range of test methods on steel rebars, nuts, bolts, wire-strands, concrete, cement and many other construction materials. It is available in two versions:
– HPU 200 Series, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 kN capacity, controlled by the HPU 200 computerized control unit
– AUTOMAX-T Model, 1000 kN capacity, controlled by the AUTOMAX-T control console.
Our proposal is completed by a different machine, 1000/2000kN tension/compression, mainly used for high throughput of tensile tests on steel rebars.
All models are PC-controlled and come complete with upper and lower hydraulically operated jaws and high precision load cell providing high accuracy from the very beginning of the load scale.

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