During the 90’ the Superpave research highlighted the fact that empirical binder testing was providing limited possibility to provide a full characterization of asphalt binder.

For this reason, part of the Superpave program was dedicated to the development of new binder tests and specifications able to characterize in a more accurate way the behavior of the material, in terms of performance parameters like rutting and cracking.

Superpave also established a new classification methods, called Performance Grading (PG), based on the climatic conditions after binder aging. Performance-based testing systems to determine the Performance Grade include aging equipment like Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO) and Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV), and testing systems like Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) and Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR).

We can provide the full range of asphalt binder testing equipment to perform binder Performance Grade.

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