CONTROLS’ Gyratory compactors are compact cylindrical specimens to be used in asphalt mix performance testing, such as determining the compactibility of an asphalt mix or performing both Quality Control and Quality Assurance tests, as well as volumetric mix design.

Gyratory Compactors are used to model and reproduce real-world compaction conditions during road paving operations, allowing the compaction qualities of the asphalt mixture to be determined. In an asphalt pavement laboratory, gyratory compactors are also known as a Swiss Army knife, as explained in our blog piece, which you may read here.

By combining the rotational movement and the vertical resultant force applied by a mechanical head, full automatic compaction is achieved. CONTROLS developed and manufactures Gyratory Compactors with a highly rigid steel frame that ensures good angle control.

The pneumatic Gyrocomp from IPC Global is appropriate for both Quality Control and Quality Assurance, as well as the fully electro-mechanical Galileo and Galileo Research from IPC Global, which is also suitable for research thanks to the automatic test parameter configuration.

An electro-pneumatic cylinder applies the load, which is servo-controlled by a precise pressure regulator, and a linear transducer measures the height. Gyratory motion is created by a high-precision mechanism that allows for a simple set-up with precision and a continuous gyration angle. We have developed this Buyer’s Guide to help you decide which machine and configuration are right for your Gyratory Compaction testing needs.

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