Hydraulic binders as cement and mortars have always played a key role in the construction sector contributing to the development of human civilization. As such , their characterization by means of ad-hoc testing equipment has been instrumental in ensuring the quality and durability of building structures.

This is also our commitment in CONTROLS. Indeed, we provide a complete range of testing cement and mortars equipment, to help determining the performance of the most important modern binders from lime to cement and mortars, today well-used for a wide range of applications in building industry.

Our testing machines are specifically designed to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of these materials including particle size distribution, finenesssetting time, chemical resistance, and the most important flexural and compressive strength; these are necessary parameters making sure that the manufact can withstand the loads and stress it will be subjected to over its lifetime.
Our wide range of equipment includes testing machine for:

-Building lime, grout, and mud testing: This is done to evaluate the quality and reactivity of these materials for different applications .
-Physical and chemical properties: These determine the specific characteristics of each building material, including its density, porosity, and chemical reactivity
– Setting time and consistency: It is essential to evaluate the rate at which the material sets and its consistency over time, ensuring that it will be able to harden and retain its shape and strength at short ages .
– Determination of cement strength: This is needed to assess the material’s ability to withstand compression and flexural loads, determining its overall strength and suitability for various construction projects.