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Original Spare Parts

We can provide original spare parts for all of our equipment, including older models that may have been operating for many years. All parts are subject to rigorous quality control procedures and checks plus are tested (where applicable) and diligently packed by our dedicated Service staff.

All of our equipment has specific spare part codes that can usually be found in the manuals that help in their identification and should be provided when ordering.

Spare Parts Services

Our Service team and network of Authorized Distributors are available to:

  • Support you in the identification of parts
  • Consult on what parts should be ordered for a specific maintenance or repair
  • Advise on what parts to keep in stock for your preventive maintenance plans.

Spares Parts Stock 

We maintain a comprehensive stock of the most recurrent and critical parts used in our equipment at our Global Service Centre, located in Italy. In addition, our global network of distributors also carries comprehensive stocks of spares to ensure fast response times wherever you are.


Repair Centres

Our machines and equipment can be verified and repaired in our Service Centres in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and USA, as well by our Authorized Distributors/Service Centres located in most Countries around the world.

Repair Centres Services

Our Service Team and network of Authorized Distributors follow strict procedures for verification and repairs, and record all activities performed and parts used. Upon receipt of equipment, our Service Team will:

  • Track the equipment / part with the dedicated RMA number (see below)
  • Verify and assess the equipment status and estimate repair activities, required parts and testing necessary.
  • Communicate to the customer the initial estimation of costs involved
  • Upon customer confirmation, make available the required original spare parts, implement and track all repair activities including final testing and prepare a report of activities.

Returning Equipment

If you need to send your equipment to Controls for repair or service, you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, along with a related form to be completed with all relevant information required for our Service Team to conduct a thorough assessment. The RMA number will identify your equipment or parts and shall be used to track the status of the repair.

(See also our FAQ on RMA)


Equipment rental

In case of emergency due to equipment breakdown, CONTROLS is available to a temporary rental of certain equipment.

In case of interest, contact us.

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Installation and Commissioning

Installations, Maintenance, Site Services
Our international network of service facilities means you’re never far from our team of dedicated Service Experts located in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and USA. We also have a global network of Authorized Distributors, who are each trained to our exacting technical standards to guarantee the highest level of support to all customers, wherever they are located.

Installation Services
Our team of technicians is available for onsite visits to provide guidance for equipment installation and commissioning.

This is particularly applicable for:

  • Controls Advanced Equipment where the verification of the correct settings is critical.
  • New laboratories where several items of equipment and accessories are to be installed.

Our technicians can also assist in:

  • Checking equipment placement, connections and respective safety measures
  • Supervise the initial equipment set-up, and that equipment is ready for start-up
  • Provide the basic instruction training to customer operators for equipment usage and maintenance.

Before the arrival of our Service technicians it is important that:

  • The customer has confirmed the implementation of all pre-requisite checks, as advised by Controls e.g. utilities, power, data connectivity, safety, equipment placement
  • Equipment is in place and connected to utilities, power and data network
  • Where applicable, PCs are available with any required software installed
  • Operators have familiarized themselves with instruction manuals, tools and sample for testing.

Service Agreements

Our packages of Preventive Maintenance Services aim to:

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Maintain the equipment value over its lifetime
  • Provide a direct channel with Controls Service technicians
  • A guaranteed yearly intervention conducted by Controls technicians
  • Extended material warranty for the parts utilized.

Different levels of Service Agreements are available:

A] Yearly Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Packages (available in some countries).

  • Fixed price all-inclusive servicing for 3 years
  • Planned interventions for maintenance and calibrations
  • Verification and calibration reports

B] Extended Warranties (available in some countries).

  • Extended duration of standard Controls warranty
  • Extended remote support

C] Advanced Long-Terms Service Agreement. 
Our advanced package of services aim to establish a long-term partnership to enhance your laboratory performance and keep them up to date with the latest technological developments. We are available to discuss with you on request a completely bespoke agreement including:

  • Multiyear contracts of preventive maintenance and calibration
  • Extended warranties
  • Additional bespoke services, as required
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Calibration & Verification

Verification & Calibration Services
When you buy Controls equipment, you’re buying a precision instrument that has been designed to work in very demanding applications. As part of any preventative maintenance program and in line with National Standards/Quality Assurance requirements, we recommend your equipment should be verified and calibrated annually.

Controls Verification & Calibration (available in some countries). 
Our dedicated Service Team and our global network of Authorized Distributors can provide services of verification and calibration for our equipment, and upon request for equipment from other manufactures. For certain countries and calibrations, we are also able to recommend a local third party to carry out these activities. These include the following main items of equipment (availability to be verified by your Country contact):

  • concrete/cement compression machines
  • geotechnical presses
  • asphalt compactors, DWT,
  • digital load measurement on a wide range of products

Calibration Services – Italy.
Our Headquarters in Italy offers a wide range of calibration services and we have a dedicated team trained to perform verifications of many different types of measurement:

  • Force in accordance with EN ISO 7500-1, EN 12390-4, under our Accreditation with Accredia Laboratory No LAT 092 -> Visit here
  • Mass, displacement, temperature, duration/frequency/speed, pressure due to a wide range of our instruments certified by the National Metrological Centre and strictly in accordance to EN ISO 9001 practices.

Calibration Services – UK
As a subsidiary laboratory, Controls UK also has the capability to offer a wide range of calibration services and have a dedicated team trained to perform verifications of many different types of measurement:

  • Force in accordance with EN ISO 7500-1, EN 12390-4, under our Accreditation with Accredia Laboratory No LAT 092 -> Visit Here
  • Mass, displacement, temperature, duration/frequency/speed, pressure, hardness, surface texture, pace rates, flatness due to a wide range of our instruments being certified by the National Metrological Centre and strictly in accordance to EN ISO 9001 practices. 
  • The calibration of Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges to ASTM D6938 using currently calibrated NIST Traceable Calibration blocks (these blocks are calibrated against Primary Blocks every 5 years in accordance with NIST procedures).

Download ISO Certificate

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Training & Remote Support
Training of our customers is an essential activity to ensure you get maximum lifetime value from your investment. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive installation and training on the correct operation of your equipment.

Advanced Training
We offer various levels of training depending on our customer’s specific needs, including refresher training for new operators. To complement the basic information provided in our manuals we offer advanced training by our specialists, either at your laboratory, in our offices and Training Centres, or remotely.

Advanced training sessions can be flexible to suit your requirements, and can include:

  • theoretical and practical sessions
  • training on Standards requirements
  • training on testing procedures and results analysis

Yearly Training Courses for Distributors
In order to keep the knowledge of our Authorized Distributors up-to-date on new products and procedures, we organize annual training sessions for these technicians. To participate in these sessions and receive a detailed plan, please get in touch with us. Participants of any of our training sessions receive a package of documents including slide presentations, manuals, and technical documentation.

Request training
To enquire about training packages specific for your laboratory please use the Support Request.

Remote Support Services
Our global network of Service Specialists, allows us to offer real-time support using advanced software for videoconferencing and desktop-sharing in most countries of the world. Our dedicated Service Team is available to support customers remotely in the following areas:

  • Software and firmware verification and upgrades
  • Verification of your testing results
  • Personalized training sessions for your operators
  • Remote assistance to equipment start-up and initial testing (where feasible)
  • Remote service assistance for fault finding to identify spare parts required
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