CONTROLS offers a comprehensive range of automatic high stiffness concrete compression machines for testing concrete cubes, cylinders and blocks in accordance with EN Standards, ASTM Standards and other International Standards.

Building on more than 50 years of leadership in testing equipment for the construction industry, our full range of compression machines has revolutionized the testing of concrete and cement with the development of totally new types of automatic concrete compression machines, controllers, support systems and testing ecosystems. New cutting-edge connectivity technologies allow your testing system to be a connected part of your laboratory infrastructure increasing efficiency and eliminating the risk of transposing error.

WIZARD AUTO: Ideal for routine testing performance, our basic testing solution has made a step change improvement with the adoption of an automatic closed-loop PID control of load rate using VFD inverter technology. Available for EN Standards, ASTM Standards and Other International Standards.

Pilot PRO: The best choice for Quality Control laboratories to carry out a high throughput of routine failure tests thanks to its 5.1” icon-driven capacitive sensing touchscreen graphic display and an internal 16 GB SD card to store test results. Available for EN Standards, ASTM Standards and Other International Standards.

AUTOMAX PRO: New top-of-the-range Power Control System fitted with load/unload electrovalves to control up to 4 frames and select the desired one to perform the test just by pressing a button on its 7” user-friendly capacitive display. Available for EN Standards and ASTM Standards.

AUTOMAX PRO-M: In addition to all the above AUTOMAX PRO capabilities can also performModulus of Elasticity Determination tests, characterizations of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) under displacement control and tensile tests on steel rebars. Available for EN Standards and ASTM Standards.

To help you navigate the complexity of choosing the right concrete testing equipment, discover our downloadable four-step guide and let us help you shape the success of your concrete testing at this link.

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