Steel reinforcing bars or rebars are used in concrete construction to enhance tensile strength, complementing the excellent compressive properties of concrete.

The most popular rebar testing method is the determination of tensile strength. For this reason, we propose different types of universal testing machines — from compact bench machines to larger ones that are all versatile, high performing and in full compliance to the most relevant international Standards

Universal Testing Machines for Steel and other materials

Our Universal Testing Machines and accessories are designed to perform mechanical tests on steel specimens and reinforcing bars. Our electromechanical models can be used for testing — in compression, flexure or tension — other construction materials such as concretecementrockasphaltsoil and many more.

Most of our machines are PC-controlled, simplifying and rationalizing test procedures together with all the other advantages associated with the use of the most modern electronics.

Control your steel tensile testing with our intuitive UTS Software

  • up to yield by Stress (method B) or strain (using an extensometer as in method A1 or crosshead, method A2)
  • after yield by grips’ separation with simultaneous display of test parameters
  • elaborate tension test results in full conformity with
  • EN ISO 6892-1 (methods A1, A2, B) and EN 15630-1.
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