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With over 50 years’ industry experience we understand civil engineering testing intimately. It’s this heritage that has helped us to lead the way in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist equipment for mechanical testing of construction and civil engineering materials.

Our construction materials testing equipment has been installed in more than 15,000 laboratories worldwide and is used extensively in numerous world-class, sophisticated research and education laboratories at Government Ministries, DOTs, leading educational institutions, and Vocational Centres, as well as quality control and research facilities for contractors, producers, and manufacturers.

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Established since 1968 with 50+ years’ experience
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Materials testing products

Our Aspiration

Helping our customers address their testing challenges with our robust testing solutions, unmatched level of flexibility and customer service — regardless of the level of testing complexity required.

Our Equipment

From Quality Control to leading-edge research, our comprehensive range of equipment and accessories is meticulously designed to meet all your project requirements. Operating under our three global brands, we offer the largest range of laboratory and on-site precision testing equipment in the industry, accompanied by a sophisticated global support network.

CONTROLS offers the widest range of testing equipment for construction and civil engineering materials in the industry. Our systems are expertly designed and manufactured to meet the needs of every laboratory from Quality Control production to complex research projects.

For almost 30 years, IPC Global has been the researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment. We lead the way in the innovation, design, manufacture and supply of the world’s most advanced dynamic testing equipment for pavement materials.

Renowned soil and rock testing solutions for their ease of use. Our static and dynamic triaxial testing systems are automatic and benefit from the cutting-edge Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology.

Typical Industry Applications

Dams and hydraulic schemes

Road, bridges and tunnels

Airports, seaports and harbours

Railways and underground networks

What Sets Us Apart

We work in close partnership with our customers to understand their unique requirements. This partnership approach is at the heart of our business. Understanding our customers in this way, and the industry as a whole is what sets us apart. Our team is the largest in the industry, capable of delivering unrivalled levels of customer service and technical support anywhere in the world to ensure we continue to lead the way. So, it’s not just a product you’re acquiring, it’s a true partnership and unrivalled network of support that you’re buying in to.

Building a Legacy


Launch SERCOMP and MCC, a new range of Compression and Flexural Tester to perform automatically the Elastic Modulus of Concrete.

CONTROLS was established in 1968 as a manufacturer of concrete testing equipment amid the boom in the construction of the Italian Motorway system leading to an increasing demand for ready-mix concrete.

1980s, a period of rapid expansion

From the time CONTROLS launched its first range of compression machines, the company quickly expanded its operations by adding an extensive worldwide distribution network, including in the 1980s, the set-up of several international branch offices.

1990s, a complete overhaul

The mid-90s saw an overhaul of the business, in line with CONTROLS’ ambition to become the world leader in the field materials construction testing equipment. This included extending its range of products and introducing new technologies.

With global markets demanding higher standards of quality, CONTROLS Group became ISO 9000 registered and an accredited SIT (now ACCREDIA) Center for the force calibration of testing equipment in the early 1990s.

2000s: CONTROLS expand its capabilities to include advanced geomechanics and advanced pavements testing systems

In 2004, CONTROLS expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the incorporation of Wykeham Farrance — one of the longest established manufacturing business in Geotechnical Testing Systems — and in 2014, IPC Global, the researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment.

Being part of CONTROLS Group presented a unique opportunity to combine each company’s specialist knowledge and created great synergy between each Division resulting in shared technology and innovations for the benefits of all our customers.

2019/2020: a new start

In December 2019, CONTROLS Group (“CONTROLS”) was acquired by Nova Measurements LLC (“Nova Measurements”). By joining Nova Measurements’ specialized investment group, CONTROLS will now move into the future using a proven value-creation strategy, with additional resources, synergies, and capabilities available to further enhance value for its customers and employees around the world.

CONTROLS’ future is now brighter and more exciting than ever.

CONTROLS Corporate Profile