In the execution project of highways, rural roads, parking lots, or any other type of areas where you want to apply some type of paving, it is very important to know the ground on which we are going to lay the foundation and the properties of the materials that will form the layers that will resist the loads coming from the passage of vehicles (bases or sub-bases and granular bases). We offer a complete and modern range of testing equipment to determine the compaction or maximum density of a soil, moisture and density relationship (Proctor), bearing capacity of the soil (CBR), deformability by bearing plate, etc.

Premium Multipurpose Testers

The demand for Quality Control and testing of construction materials from industrial, research and university laboratories is growing and highlights the need for versatile multipurpose testing systems handling different tests methods on a wide range of materials.  Our range of premium electromechanical load frames fully satisfies this need, offering many advantages such as high precision, sophisticated data processing, excellent reliabiliy and lots of available jigs. 

Road base field testing

Our road base field testing equipment will help you assess the in-situ soil density, collect samples for further laboratory testing as well as determine a soil’s bearing capacity using a wide range of plate bearing methods.

Testing devices using fast methods for assessing the compaction quality of a road’s sub-base layers, such as the Clegg Hammer and Lightweight Deflectometer methods, are also available.

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