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Let the Wizard break the spell.

You know that the most valuable and most expensive part of running any operation is labor, and expertly managing those labor costs is often the best way to ensure a profit. But if personnel are so valuable, why waste their time with monitoring load rates on your concrete compression machines?

At CONTROLS  we understand that time is money, and while most concrete strength tests don’t require a complex system, it’s good practice to employ efficient, time-saving technologies—which is why we’re proud to introduce the Wizard Auto Entry-level automatic concrete compression machine.

The Wizard Auto is fully automated and ideal for routine failure tests and simple compression strength tests. It doesn’t require monitoring or manual loading, it’s remarkably quiet, and it’s easy to use and calibrate. All of this creates an improved work environment for your team, which promotes health, safety, and job satisfaction.

All of CONTROLS automated machines—including the Wizard Auto—have the power to drastically improve the efficiency of time and tests by reducing human error, which only benefits your bottom line.

But don’t take our word for it.
“The Automax Pro has absolutely increased our capability and productivity,” says Taylor Humbarger of Titan Concrete. “We can perform tests we previously weren’t equipped for, and my technicians can work on other tasks between breaks instead of having to constantly monitor the load rate on the machine.”
“Our automatic machine allows us to get other things done while we’re doing breaks, and it avoids the big mess because the cylinders are contained,” says Tom Kowalewski of Prairie Material, LLC. “There’s no babysitting required, unlike our old manual machine. We can set a cylinder and walk away.”

For the first time, you can now have many of these same benefits of automation without the price tag of a more complex machine. The Wizard Auto Entry-level Automatic concrete compression machine has been labeled Accuracy Class A (ASTM) in the US. It boasts an ASTM spherical seat that is fully compliant to ASTM C39 for testing 4″ x 8″ and 6″ x 12″ cylinders. With two channels for load sensors and a dual stage pump for fast approach and auto switch to high pressure for loading, it is the perfect solution to ensure total accuracy and conformity to international standards. 

It also comes equipped with an AC motor fitted with a VFD Inverter device for high efficiency and a 50% reduction in energy consumption. The Wizard Auto tests at 35 psi/second every test, every time. 

Watch this quick introduction to CONTROLS’ fully automatic Wizard Auto 

We are proud to be a global leader in the materials testing industry and to annually supply over 500 machines worldwide to happy customers like Taylor, Tom, and many others. We’ve steadily earned the trust of our clients and colleagues by building the highest-quality machines over the past 50 years, and we’re pleased to continue that legacy by offering the Wizard Auto for the same price (or less) as its manual counterparts.

You and your team are busy building the strong, safe, and superior infrastructure that our country stands on. No more wasting of your staff’s valuable time and skill when a Wizard can make your automatic, concrete-testing wishes come true. They deserve it, and so do you.

Let us put the magic back into your controls system. Read technical specs about the Wizard Auto here.

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