In the concrete testing market, the concepts of accuracy, traceability, and reliability of test results is paramount. Indeed, national regulations require to carry out systematic checks on concrete during the construction phase of all our infrastructure. This is necessary to guarantee the building materials in use is properly tested. 

Because of that, one of the latest developments in the concrete testing industry is the video recording of the test execution, which is fundamental in achieving transparency. In fact, not only does it prove the test has been performed, but it also ensures test results that cannot be altered, as the load and strength values are displayed in real time and watermarked. 

This is why TESTVIEW PRO, our high-resolution smart camera, helps customers to achieve a higher level of testing transparency and trust. Thanks to it, CONTROLS’ range of automatic compression machines now offer several new features related to automation and connectivity, guaranteeing the required precision and reliability of the test results.  

Watch how it works now!