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Only a Wizard could deliver better results for a better price.

Not that many years ago, ordering a batch of concrete required completing a carbon-copy paper form that was physically recorded for shipping. It was handwritten, leaving room for error, and tedious, adding extra administrative steps to production.

These days, you wouldn’t dream of ordering concrete via paper. E-ticketing has changed the game, and everything from batch weights, to timing, temperature, and delivery truck number is computerized and fully automated and reported. Even the delivery route and number of rotations a batch experiences in transit can be monitored.

As technology advances, automation across industries allows for fewer mistakes, faster production, more efficient processes, and greater accuracy, reliability, and measurability overall.

Just as automation has improved the concrete industry, it’s now improving Materials Testing and is every bit as beneficial.

Construction Material Testing may not have been as quick to adopt automation as some other industries, but a few years ago automatic concrete compression testers for cylinders entered the U.S. market. These machines eliminated the need for manual loading, and they ensured much greater accuracy by eliminating variations in loading rate from test to test.

Just like automated concrete orders, the benefits of automatic compression testing are incredible. The only problem has always been the price tag.

 Until now. 

CONTROLS has been manufacturing quality control machines for over 50 years.

We are the global leader in our industry, annually producing and selling over 500 machines worldwide —which is one of the reasons we can now offer our brand new Wizard Auto control system for the same price (or less) than its manual counterparts. 

Introducing the new Wizard Auto…watch this quick video

The Wizard Auto Entry-level Automatic Power and Control System has been labelled Accuracy Class A (ASTM). It boasts an ASTM spherical seat that is fully compliant to ASTM C39 for testing 4″ x 8″ and 6″ x 12″ cylinders. With two channels for load sensors and a dual-stage pump for fast approach and auto-switch to high pressure for loading, it is the perfect solution to ensure total accuracy and conformity to international standards. 

On top of that, the Wizard comes equipped with an AC motor fitted with a VFD Inverter device for high efficiency and a 50% reduction in energy consumption. And it’s easy to use, so less experienced operators will quickly learn, all in the comfort of a remarkably quiet atmosphere. 

The Wizard Auto tests at 35 psi/second every test, every time. It delivers all the benefits of an automatic machine and is ideal for routine failure tests and simple compression tests. 

Whether you’re breaking seven cylinders per week or 50, automated material testing is now an available, affordable option for your lab or plant. It’s a game-changer and a money-saver and ensures our nation’s critical infrastructure projects will last as long as they should.

Why risk a hand-made mistake when you can get more accurate, more efficient, energy-saving results with automation?

Let us put the magic back into your controls system.

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