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Soil mechanics testing is a fundamental element of geotechnical engineering. It involves the study and understanding of the physical properties and behavior of soils, especially in planning foundations for structures and highways.

One of the difficulties in selecting the right equipment for performing complex soil mechanics tests is the wide range of soils and their properties.

Soils can vary greatly in terms of particle size, shape, and distribution, as well as in their consistency, strength, and compressibility. As a result, several tests are usually required to accurately evaluate the properties of a particular soil.

Three Buyers Guides to help you choose better

For this reason, we’ve developed three Buyer’s Guides for Consolidation, Shear and Dynamic testing to help you decide which machine and configuration are right for your Soil Mechanics testing needs.

Fill the form and download our guides now to make an informed and confident decision when selecting your next testing equipment.

With our buyer’s guides, you’ll have everything you need to make the right choice and find the right machine for your soil mechanics testing needs.

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