Original Spare Parts

We can provide original spare parts for all of our equipment, including older models that may have been operating for many years. All parts are subject to rigorous quality control procedures and checks plus are tested (where applicable) and diligently packed by our dedicated Service staff.

All of our equipment has specific spare part codes that can usually be found in the manuals that help in their identification and should be provided when ordering.

Spare Parts Services

Our Service team and network of Authorized Distributors are available to:

  • Support you in the identification of parts
  • Consult on what parts should be ordered for a specific maintenance or repair
  • Advise on what parts to keep in stock for your preventive maintenance plans.

Spares Parts Stock 

We maintain a comprehensive stock of the most recurrent and critical parts used in our equipment at our Global Service Centre, located in Italy. In addition, our global network of distributors also carries comprehensive stocks of spares to ensure fast response times wherever you are.


Repair Centres

Our machines and equipment can be verified and repaired in our Service Centres in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and USA, as well by our Authorized Distributors/Service Centres located in most Countries around the world.

Repair Centres Services

Our Service Team and network of Authorized Distributors follow strict procedures for verification and repairs, and record all activities performed and parts used. Upon receipt of equipment, our Service Team will:

  • Track the equipment / part with the dedicated RMA number (see below)
  • Verify and assess the equipment status and estimate repair activities, required parts and testing necessary.
  • Communicate to the customer the initial estimation of costs involved
  • Upon customer confirmation, make available the required original spare parts, implement and track all repair activities including final testing and prepare a report of activities.

Returning Equipment

If you need to send your equipment to Controls for repair or service, you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, along with a related form to be completed with all relevant information required for our Service Team to conduct a thorough assessment. The RMA number will identify your equipment or parts and shall be used to track the status of the repair.

(See also our FAQ on RMA)

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