Are there any specific pre-requirements or instructions for installation of CONTROLS equipment?

    Yes, most of CONTROLS equipment and for sure all of the Advanced Equipment have specific pre-requirements that need to be fulfilled before the installation. These refer to hardware (dimensions, weight, safety and operating distances), utilities (water, air…), power (frequency, phases, voltage…), ambient conditions (temperature, humidity…), network connectivity, PC hardware & software compatibility, software licences etc. All pre-requirements are indicated in CONTROLS manuals and shall be put in place before the installation starts. 

    If you have any questions or doubts, CONTROLS experts are available to support, please complete the On-Line Technical Support Form

    I just received some new equipment, unfortunately some parts seem to be damaged, what shall I do?

    You can complete the On-Line Technical Support Form. It is essential that you: 

    • indicate CONTROLS order acknowledge number (ACK)  
    • list all order positions or part numbers that are damaged 
    • provide photos that clearly show the damage to the equipment and possibly the equipment as you received it before unpacking. 

    If you receive equipment and before opening, you observe damages, abnormal conditions of the package or box, please take photos, put a specific remark on the goods receipt of the carrier and send us a  copy of it. 

    I just received some new equipment, but some parts seem to be missing, how can I report this?

    You can send an email to your reference CONTROLS order-processing contact or fill the On-Line Technical Support Form.

    It is essential that you: 

    • indicate CONTROLS order acknowledge number (ACK)  
    • list all order positions or part numbers that are missing 

    Please carefully check the initial order and compare it with the packing list of the goods received.

    Please note that it may have been necessary when packing your equipment to split items from the same product into more than one of the packages so please check all packages received before contacting us for shortages. 

    I received some CONTROLS equipment and I need the activation code for the software.

    All our software has an initial 30 days trial period, during that period you need to ask for the activation code, providing to CONTROLS via the On-Line Technical Support Form your equipment code, the serial number and the computer code generated at the installation. GOODS RECEIVING / REPORTING 

    I need a copy of CONTROLS equipment certification (i.e. CE / conformity to the standard / calibration), how can I get it?

    CONTROLS equipment is delivered with all relevant certification in paper copy. Additional copies can be requested from your CONTROLS service contact or using the On-Line Technical Support Form

    What information does CONTROLS Service need to properly assess a problem about equipment/ software?

    In general, it is very important for us to understand: 

    • In which phase and condition did the problem happen: for new equipment during opening the package inspection / during installation / at initial start-up / in the early phase of utilization or after a long time of normal operational time. 
    • What is the current status of the equipment: it can operate, it can operate but some limitations in performance or with a need of extra care/maintenance or it cannot operate. 
    •  What do you think based on visual and initial assessment that the problem can be (mechanical, fluid system, electrical, electronic, display, PC, software…) 
    • If you attempted to correct the problem and what was the outcome 
    • Any supporting documents like photos, videos, screen prints, test settings, production records, test report printouts test being carried out, sample types being used.