How can I have my equipment calibrated?

    Calibration activities depend on local applicable standards. CONTROLS are able to provide calibration of most of its equipment based on EN standard and mainly offers this service to European Union countries. 

    In other Regions, calibrations are usually done by CONTROLS distributors or using external specialised organisations, you should therefore contact your local distributor. 

    If no local support is available for a particular calibration you require; we can usually quote for one of our specialist engineers to travel to your site but we would need full details to enable us to do that (site address, method of travel from International Airport to site, accommodation available locally etc.) 

    Can I have my machine repaired or inspected by CONTROLS? Where and how?

    Yes, in most of the Regions where CONTROLS is present directly or via a distributor, it is possible to ask for a reparation or inspection for assessment of your equipment. The activity can be done at your site, by one of our specialists or by sending your equipment in to one of CONTROLS own Service Centre or distributors service centres.

    To send an item to CONTROLS Service Centre, please complete the On-Line Technical Support Form selecting “Return Material to CONTROLS” and CONTROLS will assign you an RMA number (that will enable us and you to track the item throughout its repair) and send you a form with the key information. 

    Does CONTROLS propose any package for preventive maintenance?

    Yes, in most of the Regions where CONTROLS is present directly or via a distributor, it is possible to have a preventive maintenance for CONTROLS equipment.

    These packages shall be discussed with the nearest CONTROLS Service Centre. In general, we can provide yearly maintenance control, change of critical parts and implementation of all those maintenance activities indicated in the instruction manuals as CONTROLS Service responsibility.  

    My CONTROLS machine has broken down, and this is critical, can I get a CONTROLS specialist to site for inspection/reparation?

    If you have a reference CONTROLS Service contact or distributor local contact, please address to them your request giving all the necessary details.

    You can also use the On-Line Technical Support Form selecting as option “Request of Site Service”. 

    How can I get a quotation for a spare part/consumable?

    Please use the On-Line Technical Support Form selecting as option “Spare Part quotation request”. 

    If possible, list down all spare parts codes or describe all the parts you need or send clear photos of the items required. 

    What is an ACK number?

    ACK stands for order ACKnowledgment number, it is CONTROLS order number and enables us to process your query much more quickly.