Can I connect my existing transducers to the GEODATALOG 8 datalogger?

  • Mechanical and electrical compatibility needs to be verified by sending us a picture and a datasheet of the sensors you would like to connect.
  • The calibration of the sensors will be required, you have two options:
    1. Send to our factory all the sensors and they will be calibrated with the new GEODATALOG 8. As an option you can upgrade and ask for a traceable calibration certificate.
    2. Calibration can be done locally by a third party calibration company of your choice, using a dedicated reference instrument.

What are the main advantages of submersible load cells in comparison to external load cells in a triaxial system?

Submersible load cells have been designed to work inside triaxial cells. They have a lower hysteresis and very good linearity as well as coming with a substantial overload safety feature.


  • Load reading remains unaffected throughout pressure range of use.
  • No need to compensate for ram up thrust

No need to compensate for ram friction

What system do I need for performing a triaxial stress path test?

Stress path test requires a PC-controlled triaxial system with close loop load control such as an Autotriax EmS or Dynatriax EmS fitted with the following mandatory accessories:

  • Banded triaxial cell with vacuum attachment (e.g. 28-WF4070, 28-WF4100, 28-WF4150) for connecting vacuum top cap
  • Vacuum top cap to replace the standard top cap, ensuring that the submersible load cell and sample are in contact with each other when closing the triaxial cell
  • Submersible load cell to eliminate ram friction
  • Specific management test software with user-defined independent ramps/hold deviator stress, cell pressure and back pressure.