Can I overload my machine?

NO – All CONTROLS machines have 2 protection systems preventing overloading

What oil should I use and how often should it be changed?

Automatic Transmission Fluid – every 24 month or more frequently if the machine is being used extensively

How often should I get my machine calibrated?

It depends on local requirements and your internal procedures – but every 12 month is highly recommended

What’s the standard warranty period for CONTROLS compression machines?

24 month for all CONTROLS compression machines

Can I use a machine with manual load control to run Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) tests?

NO – both EN and ASTM Standards require to carry out the test by performing cycles where not only the loading but also the unloading rate MUST be precisely controlled. You need an automatic machine with loading and unloading control capability.

Today, many laboratories use manual or semi-automatic com­pression machines to conduct MOE testing. Often equipped with dial gauges or outdated electronics, these machines can make it extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to per­form loading and unloading cycles at controlled speed and to plot stress-versus-strain graphs.

Once the test is completed, the MOE must then be calculated manually.

Such manual test­ing procedures are obviously prone to error, very time con­suming and not strictly compliant to the requirements set out in national and international Standards.

Is an automatic machine more expensive than a manual one?

NOT ANY MORE –  Today the research and application of modern electronic and hydraulic equipment has allowed the development of automatic machines for compression and flexural tests on concrete, cement, mortar and other masonry materials, conforming to both EN, ASTM and AASHTO Standards at prices similar to those of traditional semi-automatic systems.

You can have CONTROLS automatic machine for approximatley the same price of a good quality manual machine. CONTROLS only manufactures automatic controlled machines due to the technical benefits for the customer.